Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lots of projects

Right now we are working as fast as we can to finish up our house (and some tips and helps I've found on Pinterest!) So, I've been slacking with the blog.  I have a few things ready to post, but just haven't done it, but this one is the next project I want to do!......
The Family, A Proclamation to the World is an amazing proclamation made by beloved leaders of my church expressing how important family is in this crazy world and explains the various roles in family.  So, why not make a craft out of it?  My friend Lisa made this one with her family pics all around and then put her FHE (Family Home Evening) chart underneath! Genius! I've made our *FHE chart, but never got around to doing the names so we could all rotate jobs.  Now's my chance to do both projects!

*FHE is a once a week thing we do with our families.  Generally it's a short lesson and a fun family activity, kinda like game night that a lot of families do, but just add a moral/scriptural lesson to it! :)

I'm so excited!  Thanks Lisa, for the idea/motivation!