Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mother's Day Bookmarks

So, at church I am a leader of girls ages 8-11 (Activity Days.)  We have 1 hour meetings twice a month mostly doing things that will help them become closer to Christ and become good women and mothers one day.  ANYWAY, at our meeting today we are making Mother's Day bookmarks for their moms.  I thought I'd share my work with you in case this project might come in handy for you too!  They are going to color them and put it on a colored piece of card stock.  Then they are going to think of words that start with each letter and we will laminate them and add a ribbon to the top :)

I am hoping that just clicking on the image and printing them will work.  Let me know if it doesn't and I can email them to you.

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  1. Hey. I saw you posted on the book of christ all about Jesus birth and it was the free printable one on the blog sew alot or something. I cannot get it to work. Do you still have all the downloads to make that book? I know it's days before christmas, but if you have a few minutes can you email it to me please. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. My email is