Monday, February 13, 2012

100th Day of School Project!

Valentine's Day just happens to be Kennedy's 100th day of school!  And she's in kindergarten, so of course they are celebrating 100!  I saw this idea somewhere on pinterest.  No idea where, but I cutified it!  We drew a heart around her monster instead of a circle and made hands and feet.  I think it's pretty cute!

 Just glued them on with fabric glue that is okay to wash and wah lah!  I used dry erase marker, for the reason of, it's what I had and I've learned from my experience as a mother that it doesn't come out of clothes! LOL!
The sun was in her eyes, but I think it's pretty cute, and will look even better tomorrow with jeans! :)

*And here she is all ready for school!


  1. LOL! Well, I'd say I'd make you one, but I know it'd never happen, so go to JoAnn's and get the googly eyes and glue, buy/find a shirt and get a permanent marker. The whole project took 20 minutes! :D