Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ruby Cake!

(From Max and Ruby) Not bad for my first attempt.  Sad thing is I did this cake so I could play with my new Cricut fondant cutter, but I procrastinated making it so long that I didn't have time to take it out and play.  I think it would have been way cuter if I had!  But, I'm pretty proud of myself!

Reegan just LOVED it!  The only tragedy was when I took the head off to cut the cake!  She was a little taken back and not too happy, but we all laughed and she got over it! LOL!  I got the recipe for the fondant from HERE. I thought about doing instructions on here for it, but really I couldn't do it justice.  So, go check out the instructions on that blog and start making cakes!  

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