Friday, February 3, 2012

Craft Stick Puzzles

Of course I found this idea on Pinterest and I sent the picture to my mom.  She made these for my kids for our Sunday bag!  Now that it's done I've come up with ideas to make it better. 

First thing, use white glue.  My friend tried making these after she saw ours, but she used a hot glue gun and the pictures are all bumpy and it was kinda a mess.  Second, center the picture on the sticks.  Can you see the left edges are getting all bent?  There should be some stick showing on each side.  And lastly, my mom said when she did it, she glued the picture on the sticks and didn't leave enough room for her razor blade in some spots, so she ended up cutting some of the wood.  So, leave just a tiny space big enough to get the blade through.  I plan to make more of these with family pictures.  My kids love them!

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