Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Ornaments

So, I decided this year for my kids' ornaments (they get a new one each year) we were going to make them!  And what's more fun than paint and hand prints?  Especially for the older kids that don't ever seem to do hand prints anymore!  HERE is where the idea came from.

 I didn't do what she said to do, just got the idea from her.  These are plastic ornaments from Micheal's  and I put fake snow in them.  Then each kid picked the color they wanted and we made hand prints.  I wasn't as organized as I had hoped because I forgot about the glitter until it was too late!  They turned out cute, but I think they need a little something, so I'm going to have to spice them up a bit later (I'll add pics when I do.)  And getting Bronx to do his (14 months) not such a success!  I think I'm going to try his again with a different color (lime green this time, something else next time.)  He really didn't want to open his hand and he hated the feeling of the paint! LOL!

Not super great pics because they were hanging to dry, but I'll get better ones later when I've added some fun to them!

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