Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Obsessed with the Crock Pot?

Well, no, not really, but I did try to do 30 days of Crock Pot meals.  Didn't turn out so great, cause we sure got sick of all the sauces etc.  I just wanted something dry for once! LOL!  I did however find some really awesome recipes and I'll share them here with you.  I still plan to do many crocking meals a week, since I have finally found some great recipes and time is limited on certain days!  Recipes to come...


  1. yeah, you did it! sorry it took me so long to realize that you made a new blog, love the name, looking forward to all the recipes!

  2. Thanks Kiera! I'm trying! I kinda want to make them all again before I post them so I can get my own pics and so I can remember what I did differently than the original recipe, but I know that won't work for every recipe. It's been kinda fun doing this blog!