Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Washer Jewelry

I am really excited about my most recent project.  I found the idea HERE.  It cost me under $5 to make all 3 necklaces and I think they turned out great!

Items needed:
1 small washer
1 larger washer (you pick the sizes you want)
white glue
Mod Podge (mine is homemade)
scrapbook paper of your choice
beads, jewel etc. to decorate
Cording for the necklace strap
(I also ended up using glitter puffy paint)
  Good old washers from the hardware store
I traced the washers on the back of the scrapbook paper so the lines wouldn't show. Making numerous circles ended up being in my cards because I needed extras to play around with and see what I liked best. 
Once you have the circles cut our glue them on the front of the washers.  When they are dry use your Mod Podge (equal parts white glue and water, mixed) to paint over top of the paper.  Put your smaller washer on top of the bigger one (I used extra white glue for this step just in case the mod podge wasn't strong enough.)  Then decorate as you wish. 
 Here is my homemade mod podge.  I used 1 tbsp. water 1 tbsp. white glue, knowing that this isn't something I'm going to use all the time.  I didn't even end up needing it, because while I was looking for a few things I found my glitter puffy paint and decided to use that in place of the mod podge.  It made a huge difference in the end result!  My girls are going to be so excited!


  1. Hey what a cool crafty momma you are! How did you cut the circles so perfectly? are you just that talented with your scissors or do you have a spiffy cutter? Your girls are so lucky!

  2. Haha! Thanks Lisa! I have super sharp pointy scissors, the pointy tips helps a lot! I just snip a hole in the middle by folding the paper almost in half and then stick my scissors in the new hole and cut on the line. :)