Thursday, January 5, 2012

How to clean Stainless Steel!

I'm sure there is a "right" way to clean stainless steel, but I haven't found anything that works until yesterday!  I was scrubbing my stove top with baking soda like I do every time I scrub it and I decided to just do the stainless part, on the back splash where the digital controls for the oven are, with baking soda too.  I've always left this part to do separately because I knew you were supposed to clean it a special way.  Everything I've ever tried to clean it hasn't worked, so I figured, why not?  This is the part of my stove that gets all the oil splashes and then I can't get them off!  A little baking soda paste and wah lah!  All clean!  

 This is the bottom of my microwave because I didn't think about posting this until my stove was all clean.  Look how gross it is!  It also gets a lot of grease and is hard to clean because it's right above the stove.
 Take a wet (non scratch-able) scrubber and put a generous amount of baking soda.  You need a paste to clean with baking soda.  It's not like Comet or Ajax where you can just put a bit on and have a really wet rag, you need more baking soda than water.
 Then scrub...wipe clean, sometimes takes a few rinses to get the residue off.  And dry with towel.  If you don't dry with a towel you may now have water deposits all over your stainless, not pretty! :)

See how pretty it is!?!  The front of my oven was really really bad, so when I was done there were still marks on the steel even though it was clean, so I used the magic wipes (they call them that, not me) and it seemed to help moisturize it.  The wipes claim to clean, protect, polish and be fingerprint resistant.  I've only found them to polish, but it was just what I needed.

These are the wipes I mentioned. I found them at Lowe's or Home Depot.

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