Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I've tried for years to plan what day each week I'm going to clean/do what so that I can have a super clean house and be uber organized.  It's been a fail each time, but this time I think I have it right!  See, I have delegated some of my chores over the last year or so and now it will all be easier!  My kids empty the dishwasher and my husband does the dishes!  How awesome is that?  And now my two older kids are doing their own laundry!  (When I remember to force them to, of course!)  So, I've simplified my list.  I think I always took on too much thinking I could have a really clean awesome house all the time and my 4 kids wouldn't ruin it 5 seconds after I just cleaned it.  Reality check!  Oh, and my husband does his own load of clothes and even washes our whites! (He can't mess up the whites!) BONUS!  Okay, so I have planned 1 day each week, not including Sundays, to do one load of wash.

Monday: Sheets
Tuesday: Reegan and Bronx (my 2 younger kids)-this is one load total
Wednesday: Mine
Thursday: Whites (if Justin hasn't done them, so if he has I get a free day! YAY!)
Friday: Towels
Saturday: Madison and Kennedy do their load each
Justin can do his laundry whenever he feels like it, lol!

Then I picked one chore besides general pick up, because that is NEVER ENDING at my house.

Monday: Back Yard (somehow my kids are super awesome and making that place look like a dump!)
Tuesday: Front Yard
Wednesday: Scrub the kitchen (since you know no one bothers to do when they are doing the dishes)
Thursday: Dust (can you tell Thursdays are my busy days, because if the Whites don't get washed, Justin will do it and if the dusting doesn't happen, who cares! HAHA!)
Friday: Scrub both bathrooms.  Great thing about this one is that my oldest 2 also get to do this chore with my guidance!  So I almost get a free chore day here too! :)
Saturday: Clean our rooms

My only real goal for the year is to do better with eating and exercising and to be ready for the day by 9am.  For some of you that may sound silly, but as a mother of 4 who is in a carpool (so 2 out of 3 weeks I don't drive) sometimes it's really easy to not even get dressed!  So, I've set up my above schedule so that it's something I can do really quick in the morning, hop in the shower and be ready.  Then I have the rest of the day until the older kids get home to chase the little ones around and do what mothers do!  Once the older kids get home it's running/biking time, homework, piano, dinner, showers and bed, so it's a full evening!  If I can be productive without overwhelming myself before the day even begins it will be an awesome 2012!

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