Thursday, January 5, 2012

Crochet Pot Holders!

So, I'm sure some of you have seen or even crocheted a "Magic Pot Holder."  This is not that!  My friend Andrea taught me how to make these really awesome pot holders.  They are by far my favorite to use and even Justin loves them!  I was trying to help a friend (who lives far away) make them too, so I made these videos to help.  They are far from good videos, but they do the job.  I had to put the camera on a box and try to crochet in the site of the lens.  It proved to be quite difficult!  That is partly why I ended up doing 3 videos and also because in one of them my stitching was too tight, so I couldn't see where to put my hook! LOL!
Here's the Pattern as best as I know how to type it:
100% Cotton yarn (Sugar'n Cream and Peaches 'n cream are good ones)
Hook Size: G (4.25) Originally I posted H (5.00MM) but the G will give it the tighter stitch I was looking for.
Chain (ch) 31 and turn
Skip the first chain and sc (single crochet) in each ch across until the end
ch 1 and turn
Insert hook in back loop of the sc and in the back loop of the beginning chain (pic 1) and draw up loop and yarn over and pull through loops (sc)  Do this all the way across then ch1 and turn

You will feel like you are doing it wrong, I promise!  But keep going and you'll see after about 4 or 5 rows that you have a really thick square starting.  Here are the pics my friend Andrea did to show me what to do, then I will add the videos I did to help my other friend.

To finish it off (when you have made a true square) you will go through all three loops (so both loops from the single crochet and the one bottom loop) doing a single crochet.  That will give you a nice finished edge.  Let me know if that doesn't make sense and I'll do a video.

Here's a close up.  See how nice and tight she made them!  I'm working on making mine tight, but it's hard for me to do certain things tight.  Love love love these pot holders!


  1. you need a picture of your finished potholder, silly you!

  2. LOL! I realized that AFTER I published my post! I'll get on it first thing in the morning ;)

  3. An H hook works but just as and FYI I use a g hook wich is smaller.